HC Deb 17 February 1911 vol 21 cc1508-10W

asked the Chief Secretary if he will say what is the total amount of money advanced for land purchase in Ireland under the Irish Land Acts prior to 1st November, 1903; what is the total amount of money applied for and advanced, and arranged to be advanced, under The Irish Land Act, 1903, from the 1st day of November, 1903, to the 31st day of March, 1910; what is the total acreage held under the said Land Acts; what is the total amount of money applied for and advanced, and arranged to be advanced, under the Irish Land Act, 1909; what is the total amount of money advanced under the Labourers (Ireland) Acts, 1883 to 1906; and what is the total indebtedness of Ireland under these various Acts?


Amount Advanced:—

Under Land Acts, 1870 to 1896 £23,893,635
Under Irish Land Act, 1903 (to 31st March, 1910) £35,323,644
Area held under above Acts in acres 5,835,576
Estimated purchase money in respect of 4,781,786 acres pending for sale under the Act of 1903, but not vested, on 31st March, 1910 £52,144,723
Amount advanced under Irish Land Act, 1909, to 31st March, 1910 £155,909
Estimated purchase money of lands pending for sale under Act of 1909, but not vested, on 31st March, 1910 £3,500,000

The amount advanced under Sec. 16 (1) of the Labourers (Ireland) Act, 1906, to 31st March, 1910, was £2,201,340, and in addition there was then outstanding some £2,762,202 in respect of advances for the purposes of the Labourers Acts from Local Loan Funds through the medium of the Board of Works. The total advances for land purchase to 31st March, 1910, under the Acts 1870 to 1909, amounted to £59,373,188. This amount is, however, not at present outstanding in full having regard to the repayments to the Sinking Fund since the advances were originally made.


asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether an application for reinstatement as an evicted tenant was received from John Gorman, of Ruskey, Convoy, county Donegal, in November, 1903; whether he was ever given to understand by any of the inspectors to the Commissioners that his application was being favourably entertained; and what steps are at present being taken to provide him with a farm?


An application was received from John Gorman for re-instatement in a holding on the Campbell and Gledstane Estate, county Donegal, formerly occupied by him. The present occupant has purchased the holding under the Land Purchase Acts, and the Estates Commissioners have noted Gorman's name for consideration in the allotment of any untenanted land which may be acquired by them.


asked the Chief Secretary whether the Estates Commissioners were at any time in negotiation with the landlord, Mrs. Boyton, or the tenants for the sale of the townlands of Stralongford and Trentabuoy, in the parish of Convoy, county Donegal; whether these lands were inspected, and, if so, what was the result of the inspection; and whether the Congested Districts Board have at present under consideration the sale of these lands?


Proceedings for the sale of the Boyton Estate at Convoy direct from the owner to the tenants are pending before the Estates Commissioners under the Irish Land Act, 1903. The estate has been inspected and the inspector's report will be considered when the estate is reached in order of priority. The estate has not been offered to the Congested Districts Board for purchase, but they communicated with the agent some time ago with a view to purchase, but no definite reply has been received.


asked the Chief Secretary if he can state, approximately, what proportion of the land of Ireland has been inspected and passed by the Estates Commissioners for the purpose of land purchase?


I would refer the Noble Lord to my reply to a similar question asked by him on the 15th instant.