HC Deb 14 December 1911 vol 32 cc2681-3W

asked whether the Estates Commissioners have intimated to certain tenants on the Good all estate, in the county Roscommon, that they will be excluded from the sale unless they consent to the terms offered by the landlord, and that these terms include that certain large grazing tracks upon the estate are not to be included in the sale; and, if so, whether the Estates Commissioners will reconsider the matter with a view to preventing a sale going through upon terms that will perpetuate the present system by which the people and the land are kept apart?


The property referred to is the subject of proceedings for sale to the Estates Commissioners under Section 6 of the Irish Land Act, 1903. Certain tenants have refused to sign undertakings to purchase their holdings at prices fixed by the Commissioners after inspection, and have been informed by the Commissioners that unless they do so at an early date their holdings cannot be included in the sale. The grazing lands referred to are tenanted lands, and the Commissioners have no power to acquire them compulsorily, or to compel the owner to sell the lands to them as untenanted land. The owner has already acquired the interests of two tenants in 147 acres, and is selling this land to the Commissioners as untenanted land for distribution.


asked what is the number to date of the farms in county Clare who have bought or agreed to buy their land under all the Land Purchase Acts, together with the amount of purchase money agreed to be paid and the number of farmers who have not yet been able to purchase, and the estimated amount of their purchase money?


A Return is being prepared, and will be presented to Parliament as early as possible, showing the proceedings in each county under the Irish Land Purchase Acts up to 31sfc March last, in continuation of the Return presented in 1908 (Cd. 4412). I would ask the hon. Member to await the publication of this Return.


asked (1) what progress has been made in regard to negotiations between landlord and tenants on the estate of the Marquess of Conyngham in West Clare; and (2) whether before any settlement between the Marquess of Conyngham and his tenants is sanctioned by the Congested Districts Board, it will be ascertained that the uneconomic tenants of Donagh, who will be deprived of turf owing to the sale of a neighbouring estate, may be enabled to obtain turf on the Conyngham estate?


The hon. Member presumably refers to the estate of the Marquess of Conyngham in county Clare, which is the subject of proceedings for sale direct by the owner to the tenants under the Irish Land Act, 1903. The estate has not yet been reached in order of priority, and until it is so reached the Commissioners will not be in a position to make any statement as regards the turbary which may be on the estate. The Congested Districts Board have no information in respect of this estate.

Captain CRAIG

asked how many tracts of untenanted land have been taken over by the Estates Commissioners and the Congested Districts Board in the Parliamentary Division of North Kerry; when will the untenanted ranch of Moyvane be taken over; and will the occupiers of uneconomic holdings in the locality be provided with lots in preference to persons already in possession of farms?


The records of the Estates Commissioners and the Congested Districts Board are not kept by Parliamentary Divisions, and the information asked for in the first paragraph cannot therefore be given. Part of the lands of Moyvane South, appear to be situate on the estate of Mr. J. V. V. Fitzgerald, the tenanted land on which is the subject of proceedings for sale direct by the owner to the tenants under the Irish Land Act, 1903. The question of acquiring the untenanted land, including the portion of the lands referred to, will be considered by the Commissioners, and if the lands are acquired by them for the purposes of distribution the wants and circumstances of occupiers of small holdings in the neighbourhood will be considered in their allotment.