HC Deb 01 August 1911 vol 29 c349W

asked the Postmaster-General: (1) What was the alteration in circumstances which last year occasioned the discontinuance of the special postal service from Dava, Nairnshire, to Glenferness; (2) Why have communications from the Ardclach (Nairnshire) parish council with reference to the Glenferness postal service not been answered by the Post Office; and (3) what practical difficulties precluded the adoption of suggestions made by the Ardclach parish council with reference to the Glenferness postal service?


The service in question was instituted at the request of the late Earl of Leven and Melville in consideration of the official position which he held. It should have been terminated when he ceased to hold office, but was temporarily continued at the request of the present Earl. This was done pending his decision whether he would defray its cost, which both my predecessor and myself felt we could not continue indefinitely to impose upon the taxpayer. The Ardclach parish council suggested in 1909 that the postman should leave Glenferness at night instead of on the following morning. To this there were practical objections; and I regret that they have not been explained to the council. They are that there would be obvious inconvenience in collecting letters from residents on the walk at so late an hour, and in requiring late attendance at the Relugas and Dumphail offices.