HC Deb 18 April 1911 vol 24 cc848-9W
Viscount WOLMER

asked the President of the Board of Trade whether there was any official information with regard to the working of the co-partnerships or profit-sharing industrial enterprises in Europe or America during recent years; and, if not, whether he can state where such information can be obtained?


The Board of Trade published a report on profit-sharing (C 7458) in 1894 and the information given therein has been kept up-to-date by a series of annual articles in the "Board of Trade Labour Gazette." The references are:—July, 1895, p. 207; July, 1896, p. 208; September, 1896, p. 275; July, 1897, p. 195; August, 1898, p. 228; August, 1899, p. 227; August, 1900, p. 227; August, 1901, p. 231; March, 1902, p, 70; July, 1902, p. 183; October, 1903, p. 272; October, 1904, p. 293; September, 1905, p. 263; April, 1907, p. 101; January, 1909, p. 32; February, 1909, p. 44; December, 1909, p. 402; October, 1910, p. 333. A companion volume dealing with Gain Sharing (C 7848) and certain other systems of Bonus on Production was issued in 1895. These volumes mainly relate to the United Kingdom. Another report issued by the Board of Trade, in 1896 (C. 8233) dealt with "Contracts given out by Public Authorities to Associations of Workmen" in this and other countries. No foreign Government has, so far as is known to the Board of Trade, issued a report on any of these subjects, but the French society for the study of profit-sharing (Société pour l'étude pratique de la participation du personnel dans les Bénéfices) publishes a quarterly bulletin (Bulletin de la Participation aux Bénéfices) containing information with regard to schemes of this character in various countries. A file of these bulletins for several years may be seen at the Labour Department of the Board of Trade.

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