HC Deb 06 April 1911 vol 23 cc2563-4W

asked whether the Estates Commissioners have power to buy tenanted land adjacent to a congested estate as defined by the Land Act of 1909, and which the Commissioners declare to be congested, with the view to relieving congestion on the estate?


The powers of the Estates Commissioners to acquire land not situated in a congested districts county under the compulsory provisions of the Irish Land Act, 1909, to which the hon. Member presumably refers, are limited to the acquisition of congested estates or untenanted land.


asked the Chief Secretary whether any inspectors from the Estates Commissioners recently visited the Thompson-Orpen estate, Millstreet, county Cork; did they inspect the farm of Timothy Murphy, evicted tenant; if so, with what object; and can he state the general purposes of their visit to this estate?


The estate referred to does not appear to be the subject of proceedings for sale before the Estates Commissioners under the Land Purchase Acts. The Commisioners are not aware of any visit by one of their inspectors.