HC Deb 05 April 1911 vol 23 cc2376-7W

asked whether the purchase money of the estate of W. L. Marshall, Callinaferry, Milltown, county Kerry, was paid to the vendor in July, 1909; that one of the tenants wrote to the Estates Commissioners in June, 1909, asking for the cause of the delay in vesting their holdings in the tenants, and no reference was then made to the delay in executing the deed regarding the embankment; whether the Chief Secretary is aware that all interest ceased to be paid to the vendor in July, 1909; and whether he is aware that, as there is no untenanted land, and as no improvements whatever have been made, and no expense incurred in this estate since then, the National Debt Commissioners have made a profit of over £270 per annum since on this estate; whether the Estates Commissioners who are responsible propose any compensation to the tenants for this loss?


The purchase money of this estate was advanced in July, 1909. The Estates Commissioners cannot trace the receipt of the letter referred to, and they cannot admit any responsibility for the delay. The income derived from estates purchased by the Commissioners goes to a common fund, which is utilised by the Land Commission to meet, not only the interest payable to vendors, but also the interest payable to the National Debt Commissioners on the purchase money from the date of the advance, as well as the expenses of management and the payment of local rates and taxes on untenanted land pending resale. The tenants on this estate are paying the minimum rate of interest laid down in the Act of 1903, and the Commissioners have no power to devote the surplus income derived from any particular estate to the improvement of that estate, as suggested by the hon. Member. If improvements are considered necessary, they are provided for from the Land Commission Vote.


asked whether the following estates have been offered to the Congested Districts Board for purchase, namely, the Sugene estate, Coomacullen, Glenflesk, the O'Connell estate, Scart, Gortalea, the Steward Hisbit estate, Glenflesk, and the Eager estate, Glenflesk, all in East Kerry; and whether, seeing that, owing to the size and character of the holdings, they are peculiarly suited for the operations of the Congested District Board steps will be taken to secure for the poor people on those estates the benefits of purchase as well as the assistance which the Congested Districts Board gives only to estates which they have purchased?


None of the estates referred to in the question have been offered to the Congested Districts Board with the exception of the O'Connell estate. This estate was offered to the Estates Commissioners, who recently suggested that the Board should purchase it, and the matter is at present under consideration. A decision will be arrived at as soon as possible.


asked whether any inspection has yet taken place on the Ormath-waite estate, in North Kerry, in connection with the numerous complaints made by the tenants, who have signed purchase agreements, as to the continued flooding of their lands and the necessity of the upkeep of the embankments; and whether adequate protection will be given to these tenants by the Estates Commissioners before vesting orders are issued to them?


I have nothing to add to my reply to a similar question asked by the hon. Member on 28th November last.


asked whether the Congested Districts Board have purchased the estate of Colonel B. T. Mahons, situated at Monivea, county Galway; if not, are negotiations, with a view of purchase, still going on; and whether, with a view to facilitating the relief of congestion in the locality, if the Board will secure the division of the Belleville estate in conjunction with the Ryehill and Ablurt estates?


The estate of Colonel B. T. Mahon, in county Galway, has been inspected, and the Congested Districts Board have decided to make an offer for it.