HC Deb 04 April 1911 vol 23 cc2149-50W

asked the Chief Secretary if he can state the amount of money allocated by Parliament to the purposes of the Fishery Board in Scotland; how much of this is devoted to scientific investigation and how much to the general development of Scottish fisheries; what is the amount of the Parliamentary Grant, if any, to the fishery section of the Department of Agriculture, Ireland; has any scientific work been carried out as to the habits, etc., of the fishes frequenting the Irish coasts, and have any reports been published on the subject; can he state generally the measures taken to assist in the development of Irish fisheries, and whether the co-operation of the county councils or other public bodies is invoked; whether systematic operations as to the hatching of plaice take place in Scotland, which are stated to be much appreciated by the fishermen along the coast; and whether any similar work is or will be undertaken for the Irish fisheries?


As regards the first paragraph of the question I would refer the hon. Member to the Estimates for the Fishery Board for Scotland, which have been laid before Parliament. The Parliamentary Grant to the Fisheries Branch of the Department of Agriculture in Ireland is £5,300. In addition to this grant a sum of £10,000 is available from the Department's Endowment Fund for the purposes of sea fisheries. Scientific investigations of the habits of fishes frequenting the Irish coast have been continuously carried out by the Department, and reports of the results have been published from time to time. The measures taken to assist in the development of Irish Fisheries consist, amongst others, in the protection of fishing grounds, provision of boats and gear, improvement of harbour accommodation, propagation of salmon and trout, and financial assistance to Boards of Conservators. County councils have co-operated to a large extent in the construction of fishery piers and harbours. No measures have been taken or are contemplated in Ireland for the artificial propagation of plaice.