HC Deb 31 March 1910 vol 15 cc1590-1W

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty whether he can see his way to allow the time served by all petty officers to count as petty time for pension if they leave the service in a lower rank than petty officer; whether the Admiralty will consent to restore the gratuity for the good conduct medal of £20 to chief petty officers instead of £15 as at present paid; whether he will allow payment for good conduct badges to those ratings who receive the badges but are not paid for them (the ratings concerned are writers, engine-room artificers, electricians, and ships' stewards); and whether, having regard to the important duties of armourers, he will improve their pay and status?


The Regulations already provide that all time served in the rating of petty officer shall count as petty time for pension purposes in the circumstances indicated. In view of the exceptional advantages which chief petty officers now enjoy in the matter of pension, it is not considered that there is sufficient ground for conceding any further benefit under the head of good conduct gratuity. The question as to the grant of pay for good conduct badges to those ratings at present entitled to honorary badges has received the careful consideration of the Board of Admiralty, but it is not regarded as advisable to make the change proposed. It is not contemplated to increase the present scale of pay for chief armourers, armourers, armourers' mates, and armourer's crew, but the question of whether it is possible to improve their prospects of advancement is now under consideration.