HC Deb 31 March 1910 vol 15 c1588W

asked the Chief Secretary whether he is aware that John Egan, of Aughapolleen, Oranmore, county Galway, got an increase of land to his holding of nine statute acres on 3rd April, 1909; that an agreement to purchase his holding, including the added land, was signed by him and that in November 1909 he paid one half-year's instalment of interest; whether he is aware that subsequently the Estates Commissioners sold to the Galway Rural Council two acres of the additional land given him for the sum of £45; whether Egan got any notification of the sale of this portion of his holding before it was handed over to another body; and, if not, what steps the Commissioners propose to take to compensate or provide an equivalent for the land this tenant was deprived of?


John Egan's original holding was fifteen acres, and the Estates Commissioners, on the division of the untenanted lands on the Knox estate, agreed to allot him an additional seven acres. The total purchase money which Egan agreed to pay for the original holding and the additional land was £320. Subsequently the Galway Rural District Council acquired two acres of the additional land under the Labourers Acts, the compensation money awarded there for being £45. This money has been applied in reducing Egan's price from £320 to £275, and his purchase annuity will be proportionately reduced. Egan paid the half-year's interest, as stated in the question, to 1st November last, and the conveyance vesting the land in the rural district council was executed on the 5th of that month Egan had communicated with the Estates Commissioners early in 1909, informing them of the proposal of the local authority to acquire these two acres, but was informed that the Commissioners could not interfere. He has been compensated by the reduction of his purchase annuity.