HC Deb 31 March 1910 vol 15 cc1589-90W

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty whether the Report of the Committee on the present and future position of the engineer officers of the Fleet is now ready, and, if so, when it will be issued to the Fleet; whether, in view of the report of the number of engine-room artificers required in the Japanese Fleet during the late war, it is intended to increase that rating in the ships of His Majesty's Fleet; whether the warrant officer rank granted to stokers is to be created with regard to some proportion as to the number of stokers in His Majesty's Fleet; and whether engine-room artificers may be allowed tropical pay the same as now allowed to stokers?


It is not proposed to issue to the Fleet a Report which was intended for the information and guidance of the Admiralty in dealing with questions arising out of the introduction of the new scheme of training for officers. Certain of the recommendations have already been carried out, and other matters are being legislated for as necessary. There is no rating in the Japanese Navy comparable with the engine-room artificer in the British Navy, but the number of mechanics borne in Japanese vessels is about the same as in His Majesty's ships. The only warrant rank contemplated for the stoker class is that of warrant mechanician, and promotions to this rank will be governed, as in the case of other warrant officers, by the requirements of the Service, and not by a proportion based on the total numbers of the stoker class. It is not considered necessary to extend to engine-room artificers the payment of the tropical pay which is granted to stokers and seamen under training in the stokehold when doing duty under steam in the tropics.