HC Deb 09 March 1910 vol 14 cc1602-4W

asked whether the Kellet estate, Barley Hill, county Meath, had recently been offered for sale to the Estates Commissioners; and what action they have taken in the matter?


I understand that portion of this property has already been sold under the Irish Land Act, 1903, and that the lands have been vested in the purchasers. No proceedings are at present pending before the Estates Commissioners as regards the residue of the property.


also asked whether the Estates Commissioners have prepared, and, if not, when do they propose to prepare, a distribution scheme concerning the lands of Newtown, Moynalty, county Meath; and whether, in allotting the lands, they will consult local representative men as to the selection of desirable tenants?


Proceedings have been instituted for the sale of the untenanted lands on the estate of Mr. F. A. Smith to which the hon. Member appears to refer. No distribution scheme can be prepared until the lands have been acquired by the Estates Commissioners.


further asked whether the Estates Commissioners, in preparing a scheme of distribution of the untenanted land on the Smyth estate, at Newtown, Moynalty, county Meath, will make inquiries into the number of labourers living on the estate and qualified by length of tenancy, under the Act of 1906, to parcels of land and give prior consideration to their claims?


The Estates Commissioners will consider the wants and requirements of labourers in the locality in the event of their acquiring the untenanted lands in question, which appear to be situated on the estate of Mr. F. A. Smith, county Meath, for the sale of which proceedings have been instituted.

The same HON. MEMBER

also asked whether the Estates Commissioners compulsorily acquired land on the Nicholson estate at Drumharagh, Kells, county Meath; and whether there is any of the land still available for distribution among small holders in the district?


Ninety-seven acres of untenanted land on the Nicholson estate, county Meath, were acquired under the Evicted Tenants Act, 1907, by the Estates Commissioners, and all the land so acquired has been resold for the purpose of that Act.


likewise asked whether purchase agreements, signed by tenants on the Kellet estate, Barley Hill, county Meath, have been lodged with the Estates Commissioners; whether there is a quantity of untenanted land on the estate; if it has been offered for sale to the Commissioners; and, if not, whether they will approach the owner with a view to acquiring the untenanted land for distribution?


As I have just informed the hon. Member, part of this property has been sold and vested in the tenants, and no proceedings are pending for the sale of the residue. As regards the untenanted land on the estate, I would refer the hon. Member to my reply to the question on the same subject asked by him on 4th March last.