HC Deb 09 March 1910 vol 14 cc1598-9W

asked the Secretary of State for War if he will explain the circumstances under which Jeremiah Corcoran, caretaker of the sewage and irrigation works at Ballincollig Barracks, was forced to surrender the position and to give up the tenancy of the field attached; was the promise made to him by Major Hammond, in the presence of Mr. Denis Ford, that if he gave up possession he would be substantially compensated; for how many years was Corcoran a tenant of the War Department; did he receive satisfactory certificates as to the manner in which he discharged his duties from time to time from military engineering inspectors; did he last year, owing to the action of the departmental authorities, lose his labour and his crops; is there a quantity of manure belonging to him at present in this sewage field, and, if so, will opportunities be given to him to take it away; and, having regard to all the circumstances of this case, will he consider the desirability, in the interests of a peaceful settlement, of making a reasonable grant to this man for his loss of labour, loss of crops, and loss of position?


This field was in proximity to the barracks, and it was of vital importance that it should be kept in a sanitary condition. In spite of repeated complaints by the medical officer, this man allowed the field to lapse into a condition which endangered the health of the troops and the station generally, and he was accordingly given notice to quit on 25th April, 1908, under the terms of his agreement. He had been tenant since 26th March, 1900. The notice to quit was extended to 24th August, 1908, with the express object of allowing him to clear his crops for that year, and the extension was accepted by him. After the notice to quit the complaints continued, and on temporary remedies being effected certificates were given to show that this had been done; but this did not in any way affect the fact of his unsuitability to retain the tenancy. When the tenancy expired and the new tenant came to take possession Corcoran threw him into the road and violently abused the officer who accompanied him. As he refused to give up possession he was ejected by legal process, but has since frequently committed trespass. I am informed that there is no manure in bulk on the land, and in any case he would now have no claim to it. There was no promise of compensation and there is no intention of giving any compensation.