HC Deb 07 March 1910 vol 14 c1283W

asked the Lord Advocate what are the latest figures with regard to the diminution of drunkenness in Scotland since the increase in the duty upon spirits?


Statistics applicable to the whole of Scotland are not yet available, but taking for the three cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Dundee the number of convictions for the offences of (1) drunkenness and drunk and incapable, (2) drunk and disorderly, (3) drunk in charge of a child, etc., (4) drunk or drinking in a shebeen, (5) disorderly on licensed premises, etc., (6) habitual drunkenness, together with (7) breach of peace, where the person was under the influence of drink when apprehended for the offence, the figures for each of the months July to December in the years 1908 and 1909 are as follows:—

1908. 1909.
July 3,341 2,462
August 2,797 2,176
September 2,610 1,979
October 3,129 2,149
November 2,564 1,844
December 2,648 1,742
Total 17,089 12,352