HC Deb 22 June 1910 vol 18 c460W

asked how many emigrants left Ireland in April and May of the present year as compared with the same period in each of the preceding five years; and, seeing that want of land is the chief cause of the exodus, what practical measures, if any, are the Irish Government taking to accelerate the distribution of untenanted land among working people?


submitted the following statement showing the number of emigrants (natives of Ireland) who left Irish ports during the months of April and May in each of the six years, 1905–10, with the average for each of these months in the five years, 1905–9:—

Months. Number of Emigrants.
April, 1905 6,067
April, 1906 8,451
April, 1907 7,814
April, 1908 4,163
April, 1909 6,558
May, 1905 4,351
May, 1906 6,150
May, 1907 6,712
May, 1908 4,228
May 1909 4,572
April. 1905–9 Average 6,611
May, 1905–9 5,203
April, 1910 6,888
May, 1910 5,459

Full particulars with respect to the purchase and resale of untenanted land are given in the Annual Reports of the Estates Commissioners.