HC Deb 15 June 1910 vol 17 c1433W

asked the Under-Secretary of State for India whether the increased rates of pay granted to the executive grades of the Indian Telegraph Department from 19th December, 1909, the date of the receipt in India of the Secretary of State's despatch, No. T. 24 dated 3rd December, 1909, were withheld from the administrative grades until 1st April, 1910; what was the cause of this differentiation; and whether the Secretary of State will reconsider the matter and instruct that the increased rates of pay be granted also to the administrative grades from 19th December, 1909?


The facts are as stated in the question. Their explanation lies in the fact that, whereas it was possible to introduce the new scales of pay of the executive grades immediately on receipt of the Secretary of State's sanction, the revision of the pay of the administrative grades was dependent on a reorganisation of the Department which could not be effected at once. The Secretary of State sees no reason to interfere in the matter.