HC Deb 14 June 1910 vol 17 cc1293-4W

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether he is aware that the Lords Justices and Privy Council in Ireland, over date 17th May, 1910, have issued an Order under the Polling Districts and Registration of Voters (Ireland) Act, 1908, in reference to the registration of the Parliamentary electors in Ireland, by which, in accordance with provision 7, superintendent registrars of births and deaths are required to send the officer preparing the lists a return of the names and residences of all persons of full age dying in the union within the year ended 1st July, and whether there is any regulation made for payment for the supplying of this Return; whether he is aware that the secretary of the Poor Law Association of Ireland drew the attention of the Lords Justices of Ireland, through Mr. O'Farrell, to the fact that superintendent registrars have no means at their disposal to furnish said returns except by making a visit to the offices of the registrars or securing from the registrars the use of the registration books for the purpose, and whether provision will be made for the superintendent registrars to visit the offices or have the death registration books sent them for the purpose of copying the return in question and also for providing for a fair remuneration for the said duty to the superintendent registrar; whether he is aware that the only remuneration paid to registrars of deaths in Ireland for holding the position is a fee of 1s. for each death as paid by the board of guardians, and the fees prescribed for extracts or copies of entries while the death registration book is in their possession, and whether superintendent registrar's fees are but 2d. for each entry of comparison paid by the Registrar-General, and any fees received for copies as prescribed; and whether the preparation of the Return under the Order in Council of 17th May last will come within his sphere of remuneration?


The matters referred to were fully dealt with in the replies given by my predecessor to questions on the same subject asked on 21st June and 5th July, 1906, to which I have nothing to add. It has been definitely decided that there is no legal power to authorise the payment of any remuneration to superintendent-registrars for the performance of the duty referred to.