HC Deb 21 July 1910 vol 19 c1607W

asked the Under-Secretary of State for India if he will say what were the total numbers of chests of opium sold to China, and in the aggregate, respectively, for each of the financial years 1906–7, 1907–8, 1908–9, and 1909–10; what are the estimated corresponding figures for the year 1910–11; and what were the areas under poppy cultivation for each of these years respectively?


presented the following particulars:—

Year. Exports of Opium to China. Area under Bengal Opium.
Exports to China (including Hong Kong). Aggregate Exports.
(1.) (2.) (3.) (4.)
Chests. Chests. Acres.
1906–7 50,590 66,274 564,585
1907–8 47,749 63,760 488,548
1908–9 52,758 66,957 361,832
1909–10 41,468 56,191 375,000
1910–11 50,425 359,000

The figures showing exports in columns (2) and (3) for the years 1906–7, 1907–8, and 1908–9 are taken from the Indian Trade Returns. For 1910–11 the entry in column (3) is an estimate based on an undertaking of the Indian Government whereby the aggregate export of Indian opium to countries beyond seas is limited to 51,700 chests for the calendar year 1910, and to 46,600 chests for the calendar year 1911. In column (4) the areas shown for the years 1906–7, 1907–8, and 1908–9 are the areas which were Actually under poppy, excluding fields in which the crop failed. For 1909–10 the area shown is area in respect of which licences to grow poppy were granted, an area which is always considerably in excess of the actually cultivated area. The area shown for 1910–11 is an estimate of the maximum area for which licences will be granted in the coming season.