HC Deb 07 July 1910 vol 18 cc1910-1W

asked the Attorney-General for Ireland how many examiners of title there are in the Registration of Title Office; has their number been added to in consequence of the additional work imposed on them by the Irish Land Acts, 1903 and 1909; how many applications to discharge equities are awaiting the examiners at present; whether he is aware that solicitors commonly have to wait three months at least before requisitions are issued to them; whether this delay applies equally to every county in Ireland; and, if not, why are applications from certain counties dealt with sooner than those from ether counties?


There are now four Examiners of Title in the Registration of Title Office, one having been recently appointed. There are at present 294 applications to discharge equities undisposed of, and it is hoped that with the assistance of the New Examiner the arrears will be materially decreased in the near future. Applications are taken up in the order of lodgment, except in cases where special reasons for urgency exist.