HC Deb 28 February 1910 vol 14 c704W

asked the Postmaster-General what, if any, is the difference in the hours per day of their employment and in the rate of remuneration of Post Office employés in London and Liverpool; and what is the justification of such differentiation as may exist?


The hours of work for the Post Office staff, both in London and Liverpool, vary from day to day; but in both cities they are made up to the same weekly totals, which depend on the rank of the officer concerned. The rates of remuneration vary also according to rank, and are those laid down in the Report of the Select Committee on Post Office Servants, issued in 1907, and set forth in detail in the Parliamentary Paper (Changes in Wages, etc.), issued in July, 1908. In view of the greater cost of living and certain other conditions, they are generally higher for London than for Liverpool.