HC Deb 27 April 1910 vol 17 cc619-20W

asked the Secretary of State for War whether the orders for the usual annual training of some of the Special Reserve battalions have been cancelled; whether several Special Reserve battalions have thus been deprived of their annual training; if so, what battalions and how many officers and men have thus been deprived of training and pay; and whether the reasons for this action of the War Office can now be stated?


None of the usual annual trainings of Special Reserve battalions have been cancelled, but the annual training of twelve battalions has been modified in order to allow them to furnish drafts for the purpose of bringing to war strength their Regular battalions in the 2nd Division for Army manœuvres. These drafts, which average between 250 and 350 all ranks, will carry out half of their annual training and the course of musketry at Aldershot, or locally, and their attendance at Army manœuvres will count as the remainder of their training. Officers, non-commissioned officers and men not required for the drafts can either be given leave from annual training or be allowed to train, not necessarily simultaneously, at the permanent headquarters of their battalions under arrangements to be made locally. Courses of training can be arranged to suit local conditions, and the times most convenient for the men to be called out. Officers not required with the drafts will receive their gratuities, whether they attend training or not. Noncommissioned officers and men not included in the drafts will receive training and non-training bounties, but no pay will be granted unless they come up for training to the headquarters of their battalions.