HC Deb 26 April 1910 vol 17 c411W

also asked the same right hon. Gentleman whether he has received information of the increase of crime in Egypt during 1909; whether there were 911 reported cases of murder, 647 of attempted murder, sixty-seven of aggravated assault, and 546 of robbery; whether he can state, in regard to the murders, in how many cases the murderer was declared unknown; in how many cases the accused, in the case of murder, was released by the Parquet on the ground of insufficient evidence; in how many cases the accused in the murder was tried by the court of assize, convicted, and sentenced to capital punishment; and in how many cases the accused was acquitted by the court of assize; and whether he can give information, as follows, in regard to the cases of robbery, how many of these cases were cases of gang robbery or brigandage, and how many of those accused in robbery cases, and acquitted for want of evidence, have been administratively sentenced to banishment by the courts of assize and by the administrative courts, respectively?


The Report of the Judicial Adviser to the Ministry of Justice for the year 1909 shows that there has been an increase of 173 crimes over the figure for 1908, but that there was a very notable diminution in the statistics of crime for the latter months of 1909. The statistics of crime quoted by the hon. Member are correct. I have no figures to show the number of murder cases in which the murderer was declared unknown. The proportion of murder eases filed by the Parquet for want of evidence was 47.1 per cent. The figures asked for as regards the Court of Assize are:—607 tried, 463 convicted, 18 sentenced to capital punishment (presumably for murder), and 144 acquitted, respectively. I have not the information required as regards cases of robbery.