HC Deb 22 April 1910 vol 16 c2542W

asked the Chief Secretary if he can give particulars of the lands acquired by the Estates Commissioners at Glenville, county Cork, on the Hendra Kinahan estate, and state what steps have been taken for the distribution of the same; whether it is proposed that the tenants of small holdings in the neighbourhood and the sons of former tenants of the lands in question are to be allotted portions of the said lands; whether any arrangements have been made to provide turbary for the tenants on the estate; whether a Mr. Thompson, a steward and rent-warner, had been recently created a tenant of 240 acres of land on the estate, including a considerable area of turf bog, and including also a farm, from which a tenant had been previously evicted, and a cattle pond en Mullinaboree mountain, on which an adjoining tenant, Maurice Keefe, had always watered his cattle in summer, and without which the value of his holding is seriously depreciated; whether he is aware that Keefe was induced to sign a purchase agreement in ignorance of the fact that a letting had been made to Thompson, and whether the Estates Commissioners were made aware of the facts referred to before purchasing the estate?


Formal proceedings for the sale to the Estates Commissioners, under Section 6 of the Irish Land Act, 1903, of the estate of Sir E. H. Hudson Kinahan, county Cork, comprising about 3,241 acres of tenanted and 636 acres of untenanted land, are pending before the Commissioners. The owner has accepted the price offered by the Commissioners, and a scheme for the allotment of the untenanted land amongst persons of the classes mentioned in Section 2 (1) of the Act has been prepared. The Commissioners are informed that the water supply on O'Keefe's holding of 149 acres is ample. Arrangements have been made to provide turbary for some of the tenants. Thomas Thompson has signed an agreement to purchase some 255 acres, of which only ten acres have been reclaimed, the rest being of barren mountain. He surrendered a portion of the lands held by him as tenant in exchange for another portion, so as to facilitate rearrangements approved by the Commissioners.