HC Deb 22 April 1910 vol 16 c2543W

asked the Chief Secretary if he will state if there is any precedent for discharging a prisoner immediately after arrest without conveying the prisoner to the police barracks; why the man named Jeremiah Egan, who was arrested at Newmarket, county Cork, was not summoned, Constable Calhane having been violently assaulted by him in the presence of several people; whether he is aware that Constable Calhane's hand was severely cut on the occasion; that this man Egan was, at the time of this assault, bound to the peace; and whether he will cause an inquiry to be made into the matter?


As I have already stated, the arrest in this case was only technical, the object being to remove Egan from a place where his presence and conduct were calculated to lead to disturbance. The police authorities inform me that Egan did not assault Constable Culhane. The constable cut his hand slightly on tie evening in question, but Egan had nothing to do with this. Egan was bound to the peace at the time. I see nothing in the case calling for inquiry.