HC Deb 07 April 1910 vol 16 cc771-2W

asked the Postmaster-General whether he is aware that the adult night messengers were considered one of the principal classes of Post Office servants by the recent Select Committee; if so, why have these messengers not been allowed the same privilege as other classes in being granted an interview to discuss several points affecting their class, such as the refusal to place Mr. Murray, who represented the adult night messengers before the Select Committee, upon the establishment; whether he is aware that a mistaken interpretation has been placed upon the Select Committee's recommendation, it being clearly understood that the ordinary age limits were not to be adhered to in placing adult messengers of five years' service upon the establishment; whether he is aware of the partiality shown in granting good conduct stripes to a few adult messengers, thereby causing ill-feeling among the general body of messengers who have been persistently refused good conduct stripes; whether he is aware of the attempt on the part of some local officials to force the adult messengers, men of no mechanical training, to do the work of displacing cycle mechanics; and whether he will now grant an interview with a view to all these points being thoroughly discussed?


I am aware that the class of adult night messengers was represented before the Select Committee on Post Office Servants, and that the recommendations of that Committee regarding the class were adopted by my predecessor. I should be very willing to receive a deputation from this body to discuss the matter referred to in the question, and any other they may desire to bring before me. I have fully considered the case of Mr. Murray, and I can find no reason for treating him or other adult night messengers exceptionally as regards the age limit for established appointment. The discontinuance of the award of good conduct stripes took place many years ago, and the Select Committee made a specific recommendation against such award being reintroduced. Adult night messengers are not required to do mechanical work in repairing cycles other than the simple jobs performed by an ordinary careful rider.