HL Deb 10 November 2004 vol 666 c1004
Short title and chapter Extent of repeal
Children Act 1989 (c. 41) In section 79F(1) and (2), paragraph (b) and the preceding "and".
In section 79G(2), the words "under section 79F(3)".
In Schedule 9A— (a) in paragraph 4(3A)(b), the words "to his registration"; (b) in paragraph 4(4), the words ", or have any financial interest in,"; (c) in the heading before paragraph 7, the word "Annual".

These repeals come into force—

  1. (a) so far as relating to England, in accordance with provision made by order by the Secretary of State;
  2. (b) so far as relating to Wales, in accordance with provision so made by the Assembly.

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