HL Deb 18 July 2000 vol 615 cc820-1

(" .—(1) Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools in England—

  1. (a) shall advise the Secretary of State on request about matters relating to services provided in pursuance of section 103(1),
  2. (b) may give the Secretary of State other advice about those matters,
  3. (c) shall, when requested to do so by the Secretary of State, inspect and report on the provision of those services, and
  4. (d) may undertake such other inspections of the provision of those services as he thinks fit.

(2) A request under subsection (1)(c)—

  1. (a) may be general or in relation to specific matters,
  2. (b) may relate to a specific person or institution providing services, or to a specific class of person or institution, and
  3. (c) may relate to a specific area.

(3) A reference in subsection (1) to the provision of services includes a reference to the management and use of resources in providing services.

(4) Subsections (5) to (7) apply to an inspection under subsection (1)(c) or (d) of services provided by a person or institution in pursuance of section 103(1).

(5) A person carrying out or participating in the inspection shall have the same powers as an Inspector of Schools under the following provisions of the School Inspections Act 1996

  1. (a) section 3(3)(a) and (b) (right of access), and
  2. (b) section 42 (computer records).

(6) Section 42A of the 1996 Act (publication of reports) shall apply.

(7) A person who wilfully obstructs a person in carrying out or participating in the inspection—

  1. (a) shall be guilty of an offence, and
  2. 821
  3. (b) shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 4 on the standard scale.")

144 Clauses 108, page 49, line 35, leave out ("age") and insert ("date of birth")

145 Clause 109, page 50, line 12, after ("the") insert ("persons or")

146 Page 50, line 15, after ("person") insert ("or body")

147 Page 50, line 16, after ("Those") insert ("persons and")

148 Page 50, line 19, at end insert— ("( ) a chief officer of police,")

149 Page 50, line 20, leave out ("and")

150 Page 50, line 21, at end insert ("and ( ) a Primary Care Trust")

151 Transpose Clause 110 to before Clause 113

152 Clause 111, page 50, line 33, leave out ("110") and insert ("109")

153 Page 51, line 5, at end insert— ("( ) The power under section 103 shall not be used to provide or secure the provision of services outside England.")

154 Clause 112, page 51, leave out lines 8 to 39 and insert—

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