HL Deb 14 October 1999 vol 605 c631

(" .—(1) A local Bill promoted in Parliament, by a London local authority may include provisions requested by the Authority.

(2) Subsection (1) above applies only if the Authority confirms the request in writing as soon as practicable after the expiration of 14 days after the Bill has been deposited in Parliament.

(3) If the Authority does not confirm the request as required by subsection (2) above, it shall give notice of that fact to the London local authority promoting the Bill.

(4) Where notice under subsection (3) above is given to a London local authority, that authority shall take all necessary steps for the omission from the Bill of the provisions in question or, if those provisions were requested also by other London local authorities under section 87 of the Local Government Act 1985, of those provisions so far as relating to the Authority.

(5) The functions conferred or imposed on the Authority by subsections (1) to (3) above shall be functions of the Authority which are exercisable by the Mayor acting on behalf of the Authority.

(6) Before exercising the functions conferred on the Authority by subsection (1) or (2) above, the Mayor shall consult the Assembly.

(7) If, in accordance with this section, the Authority requests the inclusion of provisions in a Bill promoted by a London local authority, the Authority may contribute towards the expenses of the London local authority in connection with the Bill.

(8) In consequence of the other provisions of this section, in section 87(3) of the Local Government Act 1985 (consequences of non-confirmation of requests by London local authorities for inclusion of provisions in Bills promoted by others) after "other councils" there shall be inserted ", or by the Greater London Authority under section (Power to request provisions in Bills promoted by London local authorities) of the Greater London Authority Act 1999,".

(9) In this section "London local authority" means—

  1. (a) a London borough council; or
  2. (b) the Common Council.").
After Clause 65, insert the following new clause—