HL Deb 05 November 1999 vol 606 cc1135-6

1.10 p.m.

The Clerk of the Parliaments

My Lords, with the leave of the House, I will now announce the results of the election of 75 hereditary Peers and their party or group in accordance with the provisions of the House of Lords Bill and Standing Order 9. I shall start with the smallest electorate—namely, the Labour Party—and end with the largest—namely, the Conservative Party. A paper setting out the complete results will be available in the Printed Paper Office and the Library shortly after I sit down. The paper will give names of the successful and unsuccessful candidates with the number of votes cast for each. At the elections held on 3rd and 4th November, the following candidates have been elected:

Labour Party: 17 Peers completed valid ballot papers. The following were successful:

L. Milner of Leeds 8
L. Rea 7

Liberal Democrat Party: 20 Peers completed valid ballot papers. The following were successful:

E. Russell 17
L. Avebury 13
L. Addington 10

Cross-Bench Peers: 105 Peers completed valid ballot papers. The following were successful:

B. Darcy de Knayth 85
L. Freyberg 82
L. St. John of Bletso 81
L. Northbourne 78
E. Sandwich 78
V. Allenby of Megiddo 75
V. Tenby 74
L. Palmer 72

V. Slim 72
V. Bledisloe 70
L. Monson 70
V. Brookeborough 68
L.Bridges 68
Ly. Saltoun of Abernethy 64
L. Hylton 64
E. Baldwin of Bewdley 63
E. Carnarvon 58
E. Listowel 58
L. Moran 57
B. Strange 53
E. Erroll 52
L. Walpole 52
V. Craigavon 51
B. Wharton 48
V. Colville of Culross 47
V. Waverley 47
L. Greenway 47
E. Rosslyn 45

Conservative Party: 204 Peers completed ballot papers. The following were successful:

E. Ferrers 190
L. Strathclyde 174
L. Trefgarne 173
L. Denham 169
L. Mancroft 168
E. Howe 165
L. Brabazon of Tara 165
E. Caithness 161
L. Henley 160
L. Glenarthur 157
L. Astor of Hever 151
V. Astor 146
E. Courtown 143
E. Peel 142
L. Moynihan 137
E. Attlee 135
V. Goschen 132
D. Montrose 127
L. Burnham 127
L. Vivian 126
E. Northesk 126
E. Selborne 125
V. Bridgeman 125
L. Luke 124
E. Lindsay 116
L. Lucas (of Crudwell and Dingwall) 115
L. Montagu of Beaulieu 113
E. Home 113
L. Glentoran 104
E. Onslow 99
L. Crathorne 97
L. Willoughby de Broke 96
L. Inglewood 95
L. Northbrook 95
L. Swinfen 95
E. Shrewsbury 95
L. Selsdon 94
E. Liverpool 93
E. Arran 90
E. Dundee 90
L. Mowbray and Stourton 88
L. Rotherwick 88

That is the complete list.