HL Deb 01 November 1990 vol 522 c1903
The Lord Chancellor (Lord Mackay of Clashfern)

My Lords, it not being convenient for Her Majesty to be personally present here this day, she has been pleased to cause a Commission under the Great Seal to be prepared for proroguing this present Parliament.

Then, the Lords Commissioners (being the Lord Chancellor, the Lord Aberdare, the Lord Denham, the Lord Cledwyn of Penrhos and the Lord Jenkins of Hillhead) being present and the Commons being at the Bar, the Lord Chancellor said: My Lords and Members of the House of Commons, Her Majesty, not thinking fit to be personally present here at this time, has been pleased to cause a Commission to be issued under the Great Seal, and thereby given Her Royal Assent to divers Acts which have been agreed upon by both Houses of Parliament, the Titles whereof are particularly mentioned, and by the said Commission has commanded Us to declare and notify Her Royal Assent to the said several Acts, in the presence of you the Lords and Commons assembled for that purpose; and has also assigned to Us and other Lords directed full power and authority in Her Majesty's name to prorogue this present Parliament. Which Commission you will now hear read.

A Commission for Royal Assent and Prorogation was read.

The Lord Chancellor

My Lords, in obedience to Her Majesty's Commands, and by virtue of the Commission which has been now read, We do declare and notify to you, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons in Parliament assembled, that Her Majesty has given Her Royal Assent to the several Acts in the Commission mentioned; and the Clerks are required to pass the same in the usual Form and Words.

The following Acts received the Royal Assent:

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act,

Employment Act,

Landlord and Tenant (Licensed Premises) Act,

Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Scotland) Act,

Courts and Legal Services Act,

Broadcasting Act,

Environmental Protection Act,

Caldey Island Act,

City of Dundee District Council Order Confirmation Act,

Zetland Masonic Sick and Widows and Orphans Fund Order Confirmation Act,

London Local Authorities (No. 2) Act,

Port of Tyne Act.

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