HL Deb 23 October 1985 vol 467 cc1204-5

387 Page 155, leave out line 29.

388 Page 155, line 33, after 'Scotland' insert—

  1. '(c) references to the official assignee are references to the Official Assignee for Bankruptcy in Northern Ireland or the Official Assignee for Company Liquidations in Northern Ireland; and
  2. (d) references to a company include references to a company registered or incorporated in Northern Ireland and references to a bankrupt include references to a person adjudged bankrupt in Northern Ireland.'

397 Clause 201, page 160, line 13, at end insert 'and the appointment of any person as a member of the committee shall be made by the Lord Chancellor.'.

399 Clause 205, page 161, line 18, at beginning insert 'In any proceedings (whether or not under this Act)'.

402 Clause 210, page 164, line 36, after 'III', insert 'or IV.

413 Page 165, line 36, leave out 'the Isle of Man'.

476 Page 181, line 3, after '(2)', insert 'An order under this section may contain such transitional provisions as may appear to the Secretary of State necessary or expedient. (2A)'.

477 Page 181, line 9, leave out '(2)' and insert '(2A)'.

510 Page 189, line 31, at end insert— 'The Insolvency Services (Accounting and Investment) Act 1970 15A. In section 4 of the Insolvency Services (Accounting and Investment) Act 1970 (payment of interest under section 660(5) of the 1985 Act), for the words from "section 660(5)" to "1948" there shall be substituted the words "rules made by virtue of paragraph 13 of Schedule 4 to the Insolvency Act 1985.".'

530 Page 197. line 29, leave out '18' and insert '17A'.

534 Page 199, line 47, at end insert— '11A. Transactions entered into before the bankruptcy commencement date shall have effect on and after that date as if references to acts of bankruptcy in the provisions for giving effect to those transactions continued to be references to acts of bankruptcy within the meaning of the Bankruptcy Act 1914, but as if such acts included failure to comply with a demand served under section 103(3) of this Act.'.

535 Page 200, line 23, leave out 'or any rules made thereunder' and insert ', any rules made under that Act or any such rules as are mentioned in paragraph 17(1) below'.

537 Page 201, line 12, at end insert—


14A Where a person who is adjudged bankrupt on a petition presented after the bankruptcy commencement date is liable, by virtue of a transaction entered into before that date, to pay royalties or a share of the profits to any person in respect of any copyright or interest in copyright comprised in the bankrupt's estate, section 60 of the Bankruptcy Act 1914 (limitation on trustee's powers in relation to copyright) shall apply in relation to the trustee of that estate as it applies in relation to a trustee in bankruptcy under the said Act of 1914.

538 Page 201, line 12, at end insert—

'Second bankruptcy

14B—(1) Section 152 of this Act shall apply with the following modifications where the earlier bankruptcy (within the meaning of that section) is a bankruptcy in relation to which the Bankruptcy Act 1914 applies instead of Part III of this Act, that is to say—

  1. (a) references to property vested in the existing trustee under section 136(3) of this Act shall have effect as references to such property vested in that trustee as was acquired by or devolved on the bankrupt after the commencement (within the meaning of the said Act of 1914) of the earlier bankruptcy; and
  2. (b) references to an order under section 138 of this Act shall have effect as references to an order under section 51 of the said Act of 1914.
(2) Section 39 of the said Act of 1914 (second bankruptcy) shall not apply where a person who is an undischarged bankrupt under that Act is adjudged bankrupt under this Act.'.

539 Page 202, line 4, at end insert—