HL Deb 18 November 1976 vol 377 cc1587-8


1. In Schedule 4 to the 1967 Act—

  1. (a) leave out paragraph 2(2)(a);
  2. (b) in paragraph 3(1) leave out from "and except" to "twenty-four pounds";
  3. (c) in paragraph 3(1)(a) after "quarter hundredweight", insert "or 10 kilogrammes, 15 kilogrammes, 25 kilogrammes, 50 kilogrammes or 62.5 kilogrammes";
  4. (d) in paragraph 3(1)(b) after "paragraph 5 or" insert "of an order under paragraph 6A(2)(a) or the provisions of";
  5. (e) in paragraph 3(2) after "quarter hundredweight", insert "or 25 kilogrammes, or 50 kilogrammes, or 62.5 kilogrammes";
  6. (f) in paragraph 5(1) after "less", insert "or 200 kilogrammes or less";
  7. (g) in paragraph 5(2) at the end add "and the name and address of the seller";
  8. (h) in paragraph 7 leave out from "except" to "twenty-four pounds";
  9. (i) in paragraph 9(c) after "paragraph 5(2)", insert "or an indication of quantities so displayed in accordance with an order under under paragraph 6A(2)(a)".

2. At the end of Part I of Schedule 4 to the 1967 Act insert the following paragraphs: — 6A—(1) This paragraph applies to any vehicle which is used on highways for carrying solid fuel for sale, or for delivery after sale, or on or from which any solid fuel is sold or kept or exposed for sale, and in this paragraph 'container' means any container in which solid fuel is carried on such a vehicle, or is delivered from such a vehicle.

(2) The Department may by order make provision—

  1. (a) for securing the display on any such vehicle of an indication of the quantities in which solid fuel is made up in containers;
  2. (b) for requiring all containers carried on or delivered from any one vehicle to be made up in the same quantity, or for regulating in any other way the quantities in which they are made up;
  3. (c) for imposing any requirement as to the loading of the vehicle, or the delivery of solid fuel from the vehicle, which appears to the Department appropriate for securing that purchasers are not misled as to the quantity of fuel they purchase.

(3) An order under sub-paragraph (2) may—

  1. (a) make provision for any of the purposes mentioned in that sub-paragraph by means of amending or of applying with or without modifications, or of excluding the application in whole or in part of, any of the provisions of this Part;
  2. 1588
  3. (b) contain such consequential, incidental or supplementary provisions, whether of such kinds as aforesaid or otherwise, as appear to the Department to be expedient;
  4. (c) make provision, in respect of contraventions of the order for which no penalty is provided by this Act, for the imposition of penalties not exceeding those provided by section 34 for an offence under this Act.

6B. An order under section 15 may amend or repeal this Part.".

3. In section 35(2) of the 1967 Act (consultation on orders) for the words "and 43(1)" substitute the words "43(1) and paragraph 6A of Schedule 4".

4.—(1) This Schedule shall come into force on such date as the Department of Commerce for Northern Ireland may by order appoint and different dates may be appointed for different provisions or different purposes.

(2) An order under sub-paragraph (1) above shall be made by statutory rule for the purposes of the Statutory Rules Act (Northern Ireland) 1958".

Schedule 4, page 19, line 21, column 3, at end insert— In Schedule 4, paragraph 2(2)(a), in paragraph 3(1) the words from "and except" to "twenty-four pounds", and in paragraph 7 the words from "except" to "twenty-four pounds".".

Schedule 4, page 19, line 21, column 3, at end insert—

"1967 c. 80. Criminal Justice In Schedule 3 the amendment of the 1963 Act."

Schedule 4, page 19, line 21, column 3, at end insert—

"1967 c. 29 (N.I.) Increase of Fines Act (Northern Ireland)1967. In Part I of the Schedule the amendment of the 1967 Act."

Schedule 4, page 19, leave out lines 23 to 25.


My Lords, I beg to move that this House doth agree with the Commons in their Amendments Nos. 16 to 22 en bloc. These have been referred to on earlier Amendments.

Moved, That this House doth agree with the Commons in the said Amendments.—(Lord Oram.)

On Question, Motion agreed to.

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