HL Deb 26 March 1975 vol 358 cc1183-5
The PRINCIPAL DEPUTY CHAIRMAN of COMMITTEES (Baroness Tweedsmuir of Belhelvie)

My Lords, on behalf of the Chairman of Committees, I beg to move that the Second Report from the Select Committee be agreed to.

Moved, That the Report be agreed to. —(Baroness Tweedsmuir of Belhelvie.)

The Report was as follows :

1. CAR PARKING The Committee were informed that as from 1st April that part of the East Side of Old Palace Yard north of Richard Coeur de Lion's Statue would revert to House of Lords' use, except for five places, three of them outside the railings, which would be available for the use of distinguished visitors to the House of Commons. This would have the additional advantage from the point of view of security that the House would have control of all park- ing adjacent to the West Front of the building. On the West Side of Old Palace Yard, the House of Commons would gain fifteen places but had undertaken to make three of them available for use by the two Commonwealth Parliamentary Association organisations and the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

2. ACCOMMODATION The Committee were informed that suitable accommodation had now been found on the ground floor, West Front, for the offices connected with the work of the European Communities Committee. In the event it was no longer necessary for the present to ask the Inter-Parliamentary Union to vacate the rooms they now occupy in the House of Lords. The Committee agreed that accommodation for the Inter-Parliamentary Union should be reviewed by both Houses in the autumn of 1976 in the light of new accommodation which would by then have become available.

3. HOUSE OF LORDS APPEALS BOARD The Committee reconsidered the arrangements for dealing with appeals against dismissal or compulsory premature retirement and recommend that such appeals should henceforth lie to the Civil Service Appeal Board.

4. OFFICIAL SHORTHAND WRITER The Committee were informed of the resignation of Mr. A. R. Kennedy from the office of Shorthand Writer to the House and of the appointment of Mr. A. P. W. Brewin in his place from 1st January 1975.

5. LIBRARY A report from the Sub-Committee on the Library for the year 1974 was laid before the Committee and considered.

6. PARLIAMENT OFFICE The Committee considered the grading of the posts of Clerk Assistant and Judicial Taxing Clerk and authorised revised rates of pay for these posts. The Committee also authorised the appropriate scales of salary for the following additional posts: Executive Officer, Establishment Office; Higher Clerical Officer, Hansard Editors' Office ; Clerical Officer and Personal Secretary for Library; Temporary Training Officer for Record Office.

7. HANSARD REPORTING STAFF The Clerk of the Parliaments informed the Committee of his further negotiations with the Staff Association on their claim on behalf of the Hansard staff. The Committee authorised a restructuring of pay scales for the Hansard Editors and Reporters.

8. REVISED SCALES OF PAY The Committee confirmed the application of the following Estacode Circulars:

  1. (a) EC/341, dated 20th November, 1974— Cost of Living Safeguard ;
  2. 1185
  3. (b) EC/351, dated 3rd January, 1975— Equal Pay for Women Cleaners ;
  4. (c) EC/359, dated 15th January, 1975—Pay of the Higher Civil Service ;
  5. (d) EC/368, dated 25th February, 1975— Night Duty, etc. allowances ;
  6. (e) EC/365, dated 5th March, 1975— Starting Pay, etc.
giving revised rates of pay to applicable Officers and staff of the House of Lords.

9. TRANSCRIPTS OF COMMITTEES ON OPPOSED PRIVATE BILLS, ETC. The Committee were informed that provision had been made in the House of Lords Vote to meet, on behalf of Petitioners against Private Bills, etc., the costs of transcription of Evidence and the Shorthand Writers fees.

10. ESTIMATES The Committee considered their present practice whereby they consider the House of Lords' Estimate in the autumn before submission to the Treasury. The Committee agreed that this duty should in future rest with the Finance Sub-Committee. The Committee were informed of the presentation of a Supplementary Estimate for 1974–75.

11. SUPPERANNUATION The Committee sanctioned the payment of the following superannuation awards:

  1. (a) Pension and lump sum to Mr. C. J. Cannon, Senior Attendant, who retired on 1st January, 1975 ;
  2. (b) Pension and lump sum to Mr. S. G. Farrar, M.B.E., D.S.M., Registry Clerk, who retired on 1st February, 1975 ;
  3. (c) Revised pension and lump sum to Mr. W. M. Stuart, O.B.E., Editor of Debates, who retired on 1st May, 1974 ;
  4. (d) Revised pension and lump sum to Mrs. F. K. Ward, Head Housemaid, who retired on 5th May, 1974 ;
  5. (e) Revised pension and lump sum to Mrs. A. A. Gregory, Housemaid, who retired on 4th August, 1974 ;
  6. (f) Revised short-service payment to Mrs. L. K. Green, Personal Secretary, who resigned on 14th June, 1974 ;
  7. (g) Pension and lump sum to Mr. F. C. R. Deacon, M.B.E., Higher Executive Officer, who retires on 24th March, 1975 ;
  8. (h) Pension and lump sum to Mr. M. Wager, Second Principal Doorkeeper, who retired on 18th March, 1975 ;
  9. (i) Preserved pension and lamp sum to Mr. W. Frensham, Reporter, who resigned on 31st December, 1974.

On Question, Motion agreed to.