HL Deb 23 July 1970 vol 311 c1094

My Lords, I do not know if I may have the indulgence of the House, but may I say that I am likely to be sitting judicially in the Appellate Committee next week; therefore, should I not appear on the Woolsack during pan: of the day, I hope your Lordships will not take offence.


My Lords, do I understand from the noble and learned Lord that he is giving us notice that the House will be silting next week? I hope that we shall see the noble and learned Lord, as we like his merry face, and we hope that he will not spend all his time in the Appellate Committee.


My Lords, I was told that I did wrong when I did not apologise for disappearing once before, so now I am wearing my elegant garment of sackcloth and ashes, which the noble Lord the Leader of the Opposition complimented my noble friend on wearing. I hope that I am not wearing it amiss.


My Lords, I regret to say that we are still not in a position to make the other Statements. As regards the Post Office Statement, the noble Lord who will be making the Statement must, I am afraid, be given a chance to find out a little bit about it, so I suggest that we adjourn now until 5 o'clock.

House adjourned during pleasure.

House resumed.