HL Deb 31 July 1962 vol 243 cc227-9

After the First Schedule, insert the following new Schedule—

("Parking Places on Highways (Provisions replacing Sections 86 and 87 of Principal Act)

Regulation of parking in places designated under s. 85

86.—(1) The Minister shall by order prescribe the charges to be paid for vehicles left in a parking place designated under the last foregoing section, and any such charge may be prescribed either—

  1. (a)as an amount (hereinafter referred to as an initial charge) payable in respect of an initial period and an amount (hereinafter referred to as an excess charge) payable in addition to an initial charge, in respect of any excess over an initial period; or
  2. (b)as an amount payable regardless of the period for which a vehicle is left.

(2) The Minister may by order make such provision as he considers necessary or expedient for regulating or restricting the use of a parking place designated under the last foregoing section, or otherwise for or in connection with the operation of such a parking place, and in particular, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing provision, provision—

  1. (a) for regulating the time at which and the method by which any charge is to be paid and for requiring the use of apparatus of such type or design as may be approved by the Minister, either generally or specially (hereinafter referred to as a parking meter) being apparatus designed either—
    1. (i) to indicate whether any charge has been paid and whether the period for which it has been paid or any further period has elapsed, or
    2. 228
    3. (ii) to indicate the time and to issue tickets indicating the payment of a charge and the period in respect of which it has been paid;
  2. (b)for treating the indications given by a parking meter or any ticket issued by it, or the absence of any such ticket from a vehicle left in a parking place, as evidence, and in Scotland sufficient evidence, of such facts as may be provided by the order;
  3. (c) for prohibiting the insertion in a parking meter of coins additional to those inserted by way of payment of any charge;
  4. (d) for enabling the local authority to determine, subject to any restrictions specified in the order, the number and dimensions of the spaces in which vehicles may be left in a parking place;
  5. (e) for authorising the alteration of the position in a parking place or the removal from a parking place of vehicles in respect of which any order of the Minister has been contravened or not complied with, and for the safe custody of vehicles so removed;
  6. (f) for exempting from the payment of any charge any vehicle left in a parking place in such circumstances as may be specified in the order and for treating any vehicles so exempted as having been left there, and the charge from which it is exempted as having been paid, at such time as may be so specified;
  7. (g) for prohibiting or restricting the carrying on of trade or other activities, or the doing of any other thing at a parking place;
  8. (h) for conferring on the local authority powers of illuminating parking places, and of erecting notices or signs and carrying out work on or in the vicinity of a parking place.

Provisions supplementary to ss. 85 and 86

87.—(1) Where, under a designation order, vehicles may not be left at all times in the parking place designated by it—

  1. (a)the parking place shall for the purposes of sections eighty-six and eighty-eight of this Act be treated, as respects any time during which vehicles may not be left there in pursuance of the order, as if it were not designated by the order;
  2. (b)any vehicle left in the parking place which remains there at the beginning of a period during which vehicles may be left there in pursuance of the order shall for the purposes of those sections be treated as if it had been left there at the beginning of that period, but without prejudice to any rights or liabilities in respect of anything done or omitted at any time before the beginning or after the end of that period.

(2) A designation order may revoke the designation of any place as a parking place under section thirty-four or eighty-one of this Act, and such an order, or a regulation under the said section thirty-four containing a designation of a place as a parking place or an order under the said section eighty-one containing such a designation, may provide that the designation shall not have effect as respects any time as respects which provision is made under section eighty-five of this Act for the leaving of vehicles in that place.

(3) The Minister may by order empower the local authority, the chief officer of police, or any other person specified by or under the order to provide for the moving, in case of emergency, of vehicles left in a parking place designated under section eighty-five of this Act, to suspend the use of such a parking place or any part thereof on such occasions or in such circumstances as may be determined by or under the order, and to provide for the temporary removal of any parking meters installed at such a parking place.

(4) Any local authority may acquire, whether by purchase or by hiring, such parking meters and other apparatus as appear to the authority to be required or likely to be required for the purposes of their functions under sections eighty-five and eighty-six of this Act and of this section.

(5) Where provision is made for the use of parking meters it shall be the duty of the local authority to take the prescribed steps for the periodical inspection of the meters and for dealing with any found to be out of order, and for securing the testing of the meters (both before they are brought into use and not less frequently thereafter than may be prescribed or on other prescribed occasions) and for recording in the prescribed manner the date on which and the person by whom a meter has been tested.")


My Lords, this Amendment is consequential on Amendment No. 20. I beg to move.

Moved, That this House doth agree with the Commons in the said Amendment.—(Lord Chesham.)

On Question, Motion agreed to.