HL Deb 23 July 1952 vol 178 c175

Read 2a

Title of Official Numbers employed Minister to whom responsible Duties in respect of which powers of entry are given
Accident Investigation Officers. 20 Minister of Civil Aviation. Investigation of air accidents.
War Damage Assessors 859 Chancellor of the Exchequer. Assessment of War Damage.
Children Inspectors 85 Home Secretary and Secretary of State for Scotland. Visits to boarded out children.
Officers of Inland Revenue. 2,788 Chancellor of the Exchequer Examination of property for Estate Duty, Rating Valuation, Development charges and claims on development fund.
Collector of Customs and Excise. 115 Chancellor of the Exchequer. To stop avoidance of Revenue duty.
Officers of Board of Control. 20 Minister of Health Protection of mental patients, including those detained without authority.

My Lords, I am much obliged to my noble friend, but if I am right in suspecting that the list includes a large number of district valuers, would the Government consider whether it is not time to abolish Section 60 of the Local Government Act, 1948, which gives these people unrestricted power of entry?


My Lords, I see the table includes "Officers of Inland