HL Deb 20 May 1947 vol 147 cc871-3

Order of the Day for the consideration of the Third Report from the Select Committee read.

The Committee reported as follows:

1.—SALARIES AND ALLOWANCES—CONSOLIDATION OF. The Committee authorized consolidated scales of salary to the women employed in the Department of the Clerk of the Parliaments. The Committee also sanctioned the application to the staff of the House of Lords of Treasury Establishment Officers Circulars No. 39/47 and No. 40/47 on Assimilation of Salaried Staff to the Consolidated Scales and Consolidation of Allowances respectively.

2.—APPOINTMENT OF ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN. The Committee approved the appointment of Mr. C. S. A. Dobson to the office of Assistant Librarian in the place of Mr. Frank G. G. Carr, who has resigned. The appointment to date from May 5, 1947.

3.—RETIREMENT OF MESSENGER TO CROWN OFFICE. The Committee sanctioned a pension and an additional allowance under the Superannuation Act, 1935, to Mr. Gilbert Howard, Messenger attending with House of Lords Writs, on his retirement from April 2, 1947, after 39 completed years' service.

4.—APPOINTMENT OF A CLERICAL ASSISTANT IN THE PARLIAMENT OFFICE. The Clerk of the Parliaments informed the Committee that he had appointed Mr. Clifford Keith Stevens to fill a vacancy in the grade of clerical assistant on the staff of the Parliament Office. The appointment to date from May 5, 1947. The Committee sanctioned the salary payable to Mr. Stevens. The Committee authorized an additional post of clerical assistant in the Department of the Clerk of the Parliaments.

5.—OFFICE ASSISTANTS AND HOUSE MESSENGERS. The Committee approved a revised scale of pay for Senior Office Assistants from May 1, 1947. The Committee also sanctioned the application to the Office Assistant and House Messenger grades of the increases in pay and assimilation terms contained in Treasury Establishment Officers Circular No. 12/47.

6.—LORD CHANCELLOR'S MESSENGER. The Committee agreed to an increase of salary to the Lord Chancellor's Messenger as from 1st September, 1946.

7.—CUSTODIANS. A proposal for the establishment of members of the Custodian Staff who are under 65 years of age was approved by the Committee, subject to certain details to be arranged between the Clerk of the Parliaments and the Treasury.

8.—MEMORIAL TO THE LATE MARQUESS OF SALISBURY. The Committee agreed that as a memorial to the late Marquess of Salisbury a bust of him should be placed in the precincts of the House. They appointed a Sub-Committee, to consist of the Leaders of the three parties in the House, or deputies appointed by them, with the Lord Great Chamberlain, the Chairman of Committees, the Earl Fortescue and the Clerk of the Parliaments to consider details and execution of the bust, and its subsequent position.

9.—ACCOMMODATION FOR PEERESSES. A Report from the Sub-Committee appointed to consider and report on the allocation of seats for peeresses in the present Chamber was laid before the Committee and agreed to.

10.—OFFICIAL REPORT (HANSARD). The further consideration of a proposal for the weekly publication of Hansard's Lords Debates was postponed until further details of the suggestion are available.

11.—REPAIRS TO MACE. The Committee approved an estimated payment for restoration of the silver-gilt Charles II Mace.

12.—INSTALLATION OF TELEPHONE. The Committee approved the installation outside the Chamber of the House of a telephone fitted with a direct line to the Whitehall exchange.


My Lords, I beg to move that this Report be now considered.

On Question, Motion agreed to.


My Lords, I beg to move that this Report be now approved.

On Question, Motion agreed to.