HL Deb 15 July 1935 vol 98 c363

Number of Persons permitted to use a House for, Sleeping.

For the purposes of Part I of this Act the expression "the permitted number of persons" means, in relation to any dwelling-house, either—

  1. (a)the number specified in the second column of Table I in the annex hereto in relation to a house consisting of the number of rooms of which that house consists, or
  2. (b)the aggregate for all the rooms in the house obtained by reckoning, for each room therein of the floor area specified in the first column of Table II in the annex hereto, the number specified in the second column of that Table in relation to that area,

whichever is the less:

Provided that in computing for the purposes of time said Table I the number of rooms in a house, no regard shall be had to any room having a floor area of less than 50 square feet.

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