HL Deb 12 December 1935 vol 99 cc215-8

The Clerk of the Parliaments called over the names, beginning with that of the junior Baron, of noble Lords who had signified their intention to be present at the trial of Edward Southwell, Lord de Clifford, indicted for felony. As the names were called noble Lords present stood and answered "Here." Three noble Lords whose names had not been called handed them to the Clerk at the Table.

Following is a list of those present:

The Lord Bishop of Sheffield,

Viscount Halifax took his place as Lord Privy Seal.

Four of His Majesty's Judges (Mr. Justice Swift, Mr. Justice Branson, Mr. Justice Charles and Mr. Justice Goddard) attended to advise on questions of law.

Garter King-of-Arms was permitted to come to the Table.

Then the House adjourned into the Royal Gallery, Peers being marshalled in their due order, the junior Baron leading, and the Lord Chancellor (Viscount Hailsham) being at the end of the procession.

In the Royal Gallery the Clerk of the Crown in Chancery presented the Commission under the Great Seal appointing the Lord High Steward, to the Lord Chancellor, who handed it back to him to read.

The Commission, appointing the Lord Chancellor to be the Lord High Steward, was then read.

The Writ of Certiorari, Return thereto and the Indictment and Inquisition were read.

The Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod brought Lord de Clifford to the Bar and his Lordship was arraigned by the Clerk of the Parliaments on the indictment, charged with manslaughter.

Lord de Clifford pleaded "Not Guilty."

At the conclusion of the evidence for the prosecution, Counsel for Lord de Clifford submitted that the evidence disclosed no case which the accused should be called upon to answer.

House adjourned into the Chamber of Parliament, and it was decided to take the advice of the Judges upon the question whether the submission of Counsel for the defence was well founded.

House adjourned during pleasure.

House resumed.

The Judges answered in the affirmative the question submitted to them, and it was resolved that the advice of the Judges be accepted.

Then the Lord Bishop of Sheffield delivered a protestation and desired to be absent when judgment was given; upon which leave was given.

House adjourned into the Royal Gallery.

Lord de Clifford was unanimously found "Not Guilty."

The Lord High Steward so informed the prisoner, and the Commission was determined.

House adjourned to the Chamber of Parliament.

House adjourned during pleasure.

House resumed at a quarter past four of the clock, The LORD CHANCELLOR on the Woolsack.

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