HL Deb 03 November 1931 vol 83 cc1-2

Opened by Commission (the Royal Commissioners being the Lord Chancellor (Lord Sankey), Viscount, Sumner, Lord Somerleyton, Lord Darling and Lord Stonehaven); and the Commons (who were sent for) being at, the Bar, were directed to proceed to the choice of a Speaker, and to present such person whom they should so choose here tomorrow, at a quarter before three o'clock, for His Majesty's Royal approbation.

The Lord Chancellor—Singly, in the first place, took the Oath at the Table.

Certificate of the Election of Sixteen Representative Peers for Scotland—Delivered, and read.

Several Lords—Took the Oath.

Several Lords—Affirmed.

The Lord Hollenden—Sat first in Parliament after the death of his father.

Several Lords—Took the Oath.

House adjourned at five o'clock.