HL Deb 17 December 1930 vol 79 cc660-2

My Lords, before the House adjourns I should like to ask my noble and learned friend the Leader of the House, first of all, whether he has considered a suggestion I made to him yesterday, that, it might perhaps be possible for your Lordships to meet after the Recess a little later than January 20. I understand that there is not very much business coming from another place before the adjournment, and it would seem a pity that your Lordships should be brought back before it is absolutely necessary, especially as we are likely to have a good deal of strenuous work before the Session ends. Another ques- tion that I should like to address to the noble and learned Lord is as to whether he can give us any information with regard to what is happening, or has happened, in another place in reference to the Expiring Laws Continuance Bill, and whether he anticipates that it will be necessary to consider that Bill again in your Lordships' House; and, if that be the case, when he proposes to take that into consideration.


My Lords, perhaps I might answer the second question first. Of course, it is impossible for me to prophesy what attitude will be taken in another place on the Expiring Laws Continuance Bill as regards the Dyestuffs Act. If the other House do not agree with the Amendments introduced in this House the matter will have to be discussed here to-morrow, and I do not think it would be of any advantage to alter our ordinary time of meeting at 4.15. That will be the only business, except a purely formal matter. I thought at one time it might be convenient to your Lordships to meet a little earlier, but, after making inquiries, I found that your Lordships very much preferred the ordinary time.

As regards the other matter, I am very much obliged to the noble and learned Viscount for mentioning it to me yesterday. It is very likely, I think, that we shall have no business on January 20. I think the best way to leave it is this, that we adjourn until January 20 and if a formal meeting is necessary then Lord Marley will arrange that. But if there is any probability of business full notice will be given; so that your Lordships will know whether it is necessary to take any notice, if I may use that expression, of the meeting of the House on that date. I do not want to give the impression that we are seeking to prolong our holiday in order to avoid any work, should any work become necessary. But I will take every step to make sure that the noble and learned Viscount and other noble Lords have information if any business is coming on. Subject to that, we may take it that the meeting on January 20 will be a formal one only, and we shall probably adjourn for another week.


I quite agree that I see no reason why we should meet earlier than the usual hour to-morrow.

House adjourned at a quarter before five o'clock.