HL Deb 12 March 1925 vol 60 cc513-4

Read 3a (according to Order).

Clause 5:


5. In this Act—

The expression "young person" means-a person who is under the age of eighteen years:

The expression "ship" mentis any seagoing ship or boat of any description which is registered in the United Kingdom as a British ship, and includes any British fishing-boat entered in the fishing-boat register.

VISCOUNT PEEL moved, at the end of the clause, to insert: "But does not include any tug, dredger, sludge vessel, barge, or other craft whose ordinary course of navigation does not extend beyond the seaward limits of the jurisdiction of the harbour or pilotage authority of the port at which such vessel is regularly employed, if and so long as such vessel is engaged in her ordinary occupation." The noble Viscount said: My Lords, I have given due Notice of this Amendment, which I put down in order to met the point raised by Viscount Devonport and Lord Phillimore regarding the exclusion from these International Labour Conventions of tugs, dredgers, sludge vessels, and so on. If the noble and learned Lord, Lord Phillimore, will look at the Amendment I think he will see that it meets his point.


I quite agree.


I should like the noble and learned Viscount opposite to observe the limitation— If and so long as such vessel is engaged in her ordinary occupation. Of course, if tugs, and so on, were to forego their ordinary duties and go on sea voyages, they would come tinder the Conventions. I am advised that this Amendment will bring the law into conformity with the Conventions, and there will be no necessity to have any reservation. I hope your Lordships will accept the Amendment.

Amendment moved— page 5, line 3, at end insert the said words.—(Viscount peel.)


My Lords, this Bill does not yet go so far as I should like, but it is improved, and perhaps we may leave it at that. It will now be looked after in another place.


I think the original difficulty arose because the Convention was in French and was not very well translated into English. The word maritime, was translated "maritime." If they had said "sea-going," I think it would have made it much clearer.

Bill passed, and sent to the Commons.