HL Deb 11 December 1924 vol 60 cc86-8

Read 3a (according to Order).

Clause 18 of the Schedule:

Purchase of tramways by local authorities.

18. The provisions of Section 43 of the Tramways Act, 1870, shall apply to the intended tramways except Tramway No. 1 Provided that in the application of those provisions the period of forty-two years shall be substituted for the period of twenty-one years therein mentioned.

THE MARQUESS OF SALISBURY moved to leave out Clause 18 of the Schedule. The noble Marquess said: My Lords, it seems that following the general Orders of your Lordships' House there is a provision in the Bill which makes it necessary that after a certain period parts of this tramways system which are outside the City of Glasgow shall be offered for purchase to the local authority in whose jurisdiction they are situate. But in respect of Glasgow, at any rate for some years, that particular provision has been dispensed with, and in a series of Acts of Parliament dealing with various tramway extensions outside the City of Glasgow the Corporation have been allowed to keep these tramway extensions in perpetuity. It is in pursuance of that precedent that I move to strike out Clause 18.

Amendment moved— Leave out Clause 13 of the Schedule.—(The Marquess of Salisbury.)


Can the noble Marquess tell us whether there has been any discussion in Parliament with regard to this departure from the usual practice inherent in all Tramway Bills. I am not rising to offer any opposition to the Amendment, but at the same time, it is an important departure from the principle and the policy which has been followed, and I should like to know whether any discussion has taken place with respect to the case of Glasgow on any previous occasion.


Perhaps the noble Marquess will allow me to answer the question as I am familiar with the history of this Hill. This Amendment only follows what has always hitherto been done in the case of Glasgow.


I know.


I think there are about six precedents.

On Question, Amendment agreed to.

Clause 31 of the Schedule:

Lodging of appeals.

31. In its application to the city Section 9 (Persons entitled to appeal) of the Lands Valuation (Scotland) Act, 1854, shall he read and have effect as if—

(1) the words "not later than the third day of September lodge an appeal in writing with the assessor" were substituted for the words "six days at least before such appeal is heard intimate in writing to the assessor that he is to maintain such appeal" occurring therein; and

(2) the following provisoes were added to that section:— and provided further—

  1. "(a) that where an appellant at the hearing of an appeal 88 refers to or leads evidence in respect of premises other than the premises referred to in such appeal and has not at least two days before the date on which the appeal is heard furnished in writing to the assessor the address of such premises the assessor may at the close of the case for the appellant make an application to the court for a continuation of such hearing which application the court 6hall grant where it is possible to do so and to admit of the appeal being heard and determined within the time prescribed by this Act for the holding of such courts; and

THE MARQUESS OF SALISBURY moved, in proviso (a) of paragraph (2), to leave out "where it is possible to do so and" and to insert "if and so far as this can be done so as." The noble Marquess said: This is a drafting Amendment only.

Amendment moved— Page 28, lines 33 and 34, leave out ("where it is possible to do so and") and insert ("if and so far as this can be done so as").—(The Marquess of Salisbury.)

On Question, Amendment agreed to.

Bill passed, and sent to the Commons.