HL Deb 15 August 1921 vol 43 c564

The Clerk of the Parliaments laid before the Committee a letter from the Librarian suggesting that he should he given permission to dispose of surplus books. He stated that much valuable space in the basement rooms of the Library was taken up by thousands of volumes of foreign parliamentary papers and debates which were incomplete and non-continuous and had been sent to the Library at haphazard intervals. He also stated that the Stationery Office had recently established a Distributing Agency for books and documents of this description and were ready to assist in disposing of them. The Committee recommend that the Librarian's proposal should be adopted. They have given instructions that he should prepare a list of the books and documents which he wishes to send away for submission to the Clerk of the Parliaments. In the event of there being any doubt with regard to any particular books or documents, the matter will be referred to the Committee.