HL Deb 27 March 1919 vol 33 c1060

After Clause 5.

Insert the following new clause:

"Limitation on rent of houses let furnished.

"6.—(1) Where the occupier of a dwelling-house to which the principal Act, either as originally enacted or as extended by this Act, applies, lets, or has before the passing of this Act let the house or any part thereof at a rent which includes payment in respect of the use of furniture, and it is proved to the satisfaction of the county court on the application of the lessee that the rent charged yields to the occupier a profit more than twenty-five per cent, in excess of the normal profit and twenty-five per cent, as hereinafter defined, the court may order that the rent, so far as it exceeds such sum as would yield such normal profit, shall be irrecoverable, and that the amount of any payment of rent in excess of such sum which may have been made in respect of any period after the passing of this Act, shall be repaid to the lessee, and, without prejudice to any other method of recovery, may be recovered by him by means of deductions from any subsequent payments of rent.

"(2) For the purpose of this section 'normal profit' means the profit which might reasonably have been obtained from a similar letting in the year ending on the third day of August, nineteen hundred and fourteen."

The Commons disagree to this Amendment:

Because it is inexpedient to extend the principal Act to furnished houses, and because of the practical difficulty of ascertaining the "normal profit" in the county court.