HL Deb 11 April 1918 vol 29 c690

The Chairman brought to the notice of the Committee the new arrangements for war bonus sanctioned by the Treasury.

The effect of these arrangements was to vary the terms on which the present war bonus was paid, and to extend the right to war bonus to persons with a salary up to £500 a year.

It was agreed that the new war bonus should be granted to those on the stall except:—

  1. (1) Those who are serving with His Majesty's Forces and are receiving military as well as civil pay; and
  2. (2) Persons appointed since the commencement of the war on a salary which has been fixed having regard to the special circumstances of the war.

The first exception was subject to the proviso that, if in any case the amount of the military and civil pay was not equal to the amount of the civil pay with the bonus, in such cases the pay should be brought up to the latter amount.