HL Deb 08 March 1916 vol 21 cc301-4

Treaty Series, No. 2 (1916)—Agreement between the United Kingdom and France concerning the exchange of Post Office Money Orders between the Seychelles and Madagascar; signed at Paris, 31st January 1916:

Miscellaneous, No. 7 (1916)—Further correspondence with the German Government respecting the incidents alleged to have attended the sinking of a German submarine and its crew by His Majesty's Auxiliary Cruiser "Baralong" on 19th August, 1915 (in continuation of "Miscellaneous, No. 1 (1916)" [Cd. 8144]):

Colonies (Annual)— No. 875. Mauritius (Report for 1914); No. 877. Trinidad and Tobago (Report for 1914–1915):

Births, Deaths and Marriages (England and Wales)—Seventy-seventh Annual Report of the Registrar-General of Births, Deaths and Marriages in England and Wales, 1914:

Local Taxation (Ireland)—Returns for the year 1914–1915:

Church Estates Commission—Sixty-fifth Report from the Church Estates Commissioners for the year preceding 1st March 1916:

Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction for Ireland—Report on the Trade in Imports and Exports at Irish Ports for the year ended 31st December 1914:

National Insurance Acts—Second Report on the work of the National Insurance Audit Department, 1915:

Ceylon War Contribution—Treasury Minute, dated 25th February 1916, showing the manner in which instalments of the Ceylon War Contribution will be applied:

Presented (by command) and ordered to lie on the Table.

Universities (Scotland) Act, 1889—Annual Statistical Report by the University Court of the University of Glasgow to the Secretary for Scotland under the provisions of the Act for the year 1914–1915:

Naval Prize Act, 1864 and Naval Agency and Distribution Act, 1864—Order in Council, dated 29th February 1916, providing for the distribution of Prize Money amongst the officers and crew of His Majesty's Ships of War entitled thereto:

Naval and Marine Pay and Pensions Act, 1865—Orders in Council, dated 29th February 1916, approving memorials of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty made under the Act:

Liverpool Cathedral Act, 1902—Order in Council, dated 29th February 1916, approving a scheme of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for substituting the Chapel of St. Nicholas for the Church of St. Peter as the Parish Church of Liverpool, and for effecting certain measures incidental thereto:

Penal Servitude Acts, 1853–1891 (Conditional Licence)—Licence granted to a convict discharging her from Aylesbury Convict Prison on condition that she enters a home:

Munitions Tribunals (Appeal) Rules—Rules, dated 2nd March 1916, for regulating Appeals from Munitions Tribunals in England and Wales, made in pursuance of Section 18 of the Munitions of War (Amendment) Act, 1916, by the Lord Chancellor:

Shops Act, 1912

  1. 1. Closing Order made by the Urban District Council of Donaghadee;
  2. 2. Order made by the Council of the Urban District of Cleethorpes-with-Thrunscoe and confirmed by the Secretary of State for the Home Department, affecting a certain class of shops within the said Urban District:

Private Legislation Procedure (Scotland) Act, 1899—Report by the Chairman of Committees of the House of Lords and the Chairman of Ways and Means in the House of Commons, under the Act that the provisions of The North British Railway Order are of such a character that they ought to be dealt with by Private Bill and not by Provisional Order: That, save as aforesaid, the Provisional Orders be allowed to proceed, subject to such recommendations as may hereafter be made with respect to the several Orders:

Duchy of Cornwall—An Account of the Receipts and Disbursements of the Duchy of Cornwall in the year ended 31st December 1915:

Duchy of Lancaster—Account of the Receipts and Disbursements of the Duchy of Lancaster in the year ended 21st December 1915, also a separate account of the capital of the said Duchy to same date:

Laid before the House (pursuant to Act) and ordered to lie on the Table.