HL Deb 07 June 1915 vol 19 c16

Railway Accidents—Returns of Accidents and Casualties as reported to the Board of Trade by the several Railway Companies of the United Kingdom during the year ended 31st December 1914, in pursuance of the Regulation of Railways Act, 1871:

Gas and Water Works Facilities Act, 1870—Special Reports by the Board of Trade under Section 4 of the Act:

Presented (by command) and ordered to lie on the Table.

Merchant Shipping Act, 1894, and Merchant Shipping (Mercantile Marine Fund) Act, 1898—Order in Council, dated 27th May 1915, continuing in force the reduced scale of light dues leviable under the Orders in Council of 10th August 1903 and 21st December 1908, for the period of one year from 1st April 1915:

Naval and Marine Pay and Pensions Act, 1865—Two Orders in Council, dated 27th May 1915, made under the Act:

Destructive Insects and Pests Acts, 1877 and 1907—Order, numbered D.I.P. 174, dated 28th May 1915, entitled the American Gooseberry Mildew (Infected Areas) Order of 1915:

Superannuation—Treasury Minute, dated 28th May 1915, granting a retired allowance to Mr. Thomas Cradocke Chalk, First Class Assistant Accountant, Army Accounts Branch, War Office, under Section 2 of the Superannuation Act, 1887:

Alkali, &c. Works Regulation Act, 1906—Fifty-first Annual Report on Alkali, &c. Works by the Chief Inspector. Proceedings during the year 1914 presented to the Local Government Board and to the Secretary for Scotland:

National Insurance Acts—Regulations and Provisional Regulations entitled—

  1. 1. The National Health Insurance (Collection of Contributions) Amendment Regulations (Ireland), 1915 (dated 20th May 1915);
  2. 2. The National Health Insurance (Navy and Army Fund) Provisional Regulations (Wales), 1915 (dated 3rd June 1915):

Laid before the House (pursuant to Act) and ordered to lie on the Table.