HL Deb 13 July 1915 vol 19 cc352-3

Trade Reports (Annual Series)—

No. 5445. Japan (Nagasaki, 1913);

No. 5447. Siam (Consular District of Senggora. 1st April 1913 to 31st March 1914):

Board of Education—

1. Regulations for the training of teachers for elementary schools (in force from 1st August 1915);

2. Special Regulations for grants in aid of instruction for housewives in economical cookery (supplementary to the Regulations for Technical Schools, &c:, 1914–1915):

Public Services in India (Royal Commission)—Appendix to the Report of the Commissioners. Volume XIX. Minutes of Evidence relating to the railway department, taken at Delhi, Calcutta, and London, with appendices:

Lunacy (Ireland)—Sixty-fourth Annual Report of the Inspectors of Lunatics in Ireland for the year 1914:

Marriages, Births and Deaths (Ireland)—Annual Report of the Registrar-General for the year 1914:

Local Government (Scotland)—Return of the Areas, Population and Valuation of Counties, Burghs and Parishes in Scotland:

Presented (by command) and ordered to lie on the Table.

Ministry of Munitions—Regulations made by the Minister of Munitions in pursuance of Section 4 (5) of the Munitions of War Act, 1915, with respect to the general ordering of the work in a controlled establishment:

Army (Disability Pensions for Soldiers)—Royal Warrants, dated 21st May 1915:

Naval and Marine Pay and Pensions Act, 1865—Four Orders in Council, dated 6th July 1915, made under the Act:

Superannuation—Treasury Minute, dated 5th July 1915, granting a retired allowance to Edward. Churchill Killeen, Sub-Postmaster, Clara, Athlone, under Section 2 of the Superannuation Act, 1887:

Laid before the House (pursuant to Act) and ordered to lie on the Table.