HL Deb 31 March 1914 vol 15 cc805-6

Report made from the Committee for Privileges—

1. That the Barony of Dudley is an ancient Barony in fee;

2. That Sir John Sutton de Dudley, who was summoned to Parliament as a Peer of the Realm by a Writ, 15th February 18 Henry VI (1439– 1440), and who sat in Parliament as Lord Dudley, was entitled to a Barony by Writ descendible to the heirs general of his body;

3. That Edward, fifth Lord Dudley, died and was succeeded by his grand-daughter and heiress, Frances, in her own right Baroness Dudley, who married Humble Ward, who was created by Letters Patent Baron Ward;

4. That their great grandson William, Lord Dudley and Ward, died without issue in the year 1740, and was succeeded in the Barony of Dudley by his nephew Ferdinando Lea, as eleventh Baron Dudley, who died unmarried, when the Barony fell into abeyance between his sisters and co-heirs (1) Anne, wife of William Smith, (2) Frances, wife of Walter Woodcock, (3) Mary, wife of Joseph Harvey, (4) Catherine, wife of Thomas Jordan, and (5) Elizabeth, wife of Benjamin Briscoe, or such of them or their heirs as then survived;

5. That the co-heirs of Sir John Sutton, first Lord Dudley, and of Ferdinando, eleventh Lord Dudley, are the following persons:

  1. (i) The Petitioner, Ferdinando Dudley William Lea Smith, who is the sole heir of the aforesaid Anne Smith;
  2. 806
  3. (ii) Robert Smart, who makes no claim, and the heir or heirs, if any, of Frances (daughter of Frances Woodcock), who died in the year 1814, and the heir or heirs, if any, of Anne, wife of William Wilmot, who died in the year 1819, leaving issue and the heir or heirs, if any, of Elizabeth, the wife of John Green, who died in the year 1837, leaving issue, and the heir or heirs, if any, of Sarah, wife of Thomas Hughes, who died in the year 1831, leaving issue, all of which persons are together the co-heirs of the aforesaid Frances Woodcock;
  4. (iii) The heir or heirs, if any, of Catherine, wife of Thomas Jordan, who died in the year 1756, leaving issue;

6. That the Barony of Dudley is in abeyance, and at His Majesty's disposal;

Read and agreed to; and resolved and adjudged accordingly; and Resolution and Judgment to be laid before His Majesty by the Lords with White Staves.

The LORD CHANCELLOR acquainted the House, That the Clerk of the Parliaments had laid upon the Table the Certificate from the Examiners that the further Standing Orders applicable to the following Bill have been complied with:

Also the Certificate that the Standing Orders have not been complied with in respect of the Petition for additional Provision in the following Bill:

The same were ordered to lie on the Table.