HL Deb 09 March 1914 vol 15 c409

1. That the Barony of Martin is an ancient Barony in fee;

2. That William Martin was summoned to Parliament as a Peer of the Realm by Writ 23 Edward 1 (1295) and sat in Parliament and was entitled to a Barony by Writ descendible to the heirs general of his body;

3. That at the death of William, second Lord Martin, the Barony fell into abeyance until James, Lord Audley, succeeded as sole heir of William, first Lord Martin;

4. That at the death of Nicholas, Lord Audley and Lord Martin, in 1392, the Barony again fell into abeyance between John Touchet (afterwards Lord Audley) and Fulke Fitzwaryn;

5. That the co-heirs of John Touchet, Lord Audley, are the Honourable Mary Thicknesse-Touchet and the Honourable Emily Thicknesse-Touchet, daughters and co-heirs of George Edward, Lord Audley, who died in 1872;

6. That the co-heirs of the said Fulke Fitzwaryn are (a) Henry Rainald Viscount Gage, (b) Colonel Hugo Montgomery-Campbell, and (c) the heir or heirs, if any, of Mary Mackworth (who was living unmarried in 1681), as being jointly co-heirs of Lady Dorothy Bouchier, and (d) Reginald Joseph Weld, as being sole heir of Lady Anne Bouchier;

7. That the Barony of Martin is in abeyance and at His Majesty's disposal;